We live on farming and agriculture. We cultivate rice, potatoes and grow poultry and pigs. We are farmers since our youth. We can live with our activity, like anybody else; we can ensure the scholarship of our children while fulfilling our family obligations and even afford purchasing equipment for our activity. Our clients are not specified. Our products are locally purchased and resold in Anosibe; and the remainder is sold in the market of Imeritsiatosika, the next village. The number of our employees remains stable; during the year they are between 40 and 50 depending on the season and the working conditions. When we did not have the equipment that we purchased through our loan, we already employed such number of people.


We chose to partner with the bank as we needed fund. We needed the loan in order to buy animal food, pay for the salary of our employees, purchase fertilizer and poultry to grow.


We are clients of AccèsBanque since 2013 when we consumed the “Ho An’ny Tantsaha” loan to develop our farming activities. Through this loan, we managed to ensure the scholarship of all of our children until the “bacc”. One of our daughters followed a 2 years’ study to become a midwife but she dropped it when she got married. However, we have fulfilled our mission as parents with the support of that loan. We also could afford purchasing equipment, a zebu in 2014, and another one in 2015, and a cart in 2016.


Through the loan, we are quieter: I have no problem on every aspect of life. If I need money, I do not necessarily need to dig for potatoes, I simply rent my cart and it’s OK. My daily life has really become simpler. Now we plan to develop our lands. We plan to fence and rehabilitate our pigsty. We would like to continue working with the bank. Everything has gone very well; and AccèsBanque has a lot contributed in the amelioration of our daily life. In the future, we would prefer if the bank charged less interest rate. It also would be great if the bank suggested us specific offers as loyal clients.