Choose the funding solution that suits you

No need to wait, realize your projects and your dreams within a few days!!! Why not in 48 hours?

As you do not need to wait until years of savings to realize your projects and dreams: acquiring a real estate, buying a car, more investing in your activity and earn more, procuring equipment for your business…, no matter whether you are an entrepreneur, a civil servant, a salaried person, we have developed the right funding solutions for you.

Submit your application in a very simple manner.


Medical loan

Professionals in the health sector (nurse, physician, dentist, laboratory operator, clinics, hospitals, pharmacy, laboratory…), having an office or not, willing to invest in their activities, we have designed a special offer for you.

In partnership with MAEXI or IEM, our medical loan allows you to acquire high-quality equipment in a simple way and with payment facility.

Rural loan

Are you a farmer? Do you need to buy inputs, high-quality fertilizer and increase your yield? Or do you live through the culture seasonality (harvesting, pricking out, winnowing…) without difficulty? Do you want to prepare for the next harvest?

We can help you acquire your land, plow, or a tractor to invest in your activity.

For you livestock farmers, acquire animal food of good quality, invest in your poultry and animals (laying hen, dairy cows, pigs,…)

We have solutions adapted to your need and to your time constraints, seasonality and others.

We understand you, you and your business.

We are even allowed to apply for group loan!

Solar loan

In need to fulfill your electricity needs?

Invest in a sustainable solution and together we preserve the environment.

AccèsBanque Madagascar supports you in acquiring high-quality solar equipment.

Besides, your purchased equipment secures your loan.

AccèsBanque Madagascar, simply!


Unexpected need of treasury happens. Deferred payment might happen and you need anyway to pay your suppliers and/or employees. We have the right solution for you.

The overdraft allows you to face unexpected events, to make your payments even if the balance of your account does not allow you temporarily.

Housing loan

At last, your home!

  • Target : salaried people, pensioners, civil servants, landlords
  • Use of the loan : land acquirement, house purchase, construction
  • Amount: MGA 10 000 000 to up to MGA 1 billion
  • Destination of the fund: renovation, construction or purchase of real estate
  • Collaterals: salary, domestic appliance, furniture, etc …
  • Repayment period: 3 to 60 months


  • Very simple procedure
  • Fast disbursement
  • Transparent pricing
  • Appropriate installments and repayment date
  • Deposit and withdrawal at any AccèsBanque branch in Madagascar
  • Specifically dedicated advisor