From the of enhancing the visibility of AccèsBanque as a social stakeholder and employer and as part of our human resources marketing policy, the project “ABM Scholarship” has been implemented.

For its official launch, a great event is organized on Saturday September 1st 2018 from 1pm to 6pm.

Where to find us?

   ⇒ Alliance Française Andavamamba.

What do we suggest for the students?

Through ABM Scholarship, we offer deserving students from public and private universities in Antananarivo, a scholarship and training to support them in the continuation of their studies and in reinforcing their skills

The project is intended for students in their last year of License and students preparing their Master degree


It is an opportunity provided to tomorrow’s young leaders in the purpose of financially relieving them regarding to scholar fees and allowing them to finish their studies while simplifying their professional integration.

Besides, they will be prioritized during recruitment process within the bank.

Program :

Several activities are scheduled during this event:

  • Banking activities show in which all the departments are invited to participate
  • Workshop on how to write a résumé and a cover letter
  • Information desk and Frequently Asked Questions
  • File application for ABM Scholarship
  • File application for different vacancies within the bank
  • DJ-spun tunes…

Each department will have the opportunity to introduce their activities to the youth and inspire them in their orientation after their studies.

We are counting on your presence in this Banking Activities Show to widen together the bank’s vision, and why not to give us feedback?

In the meanwhile, have a good day!!