SAFIRA current account

    Different accounts at your choice with pricing adapted to the volume of your transactions

    • Normal Safira current account
    • Illimited Safira current account

    3 investment options to make your investments grow according to your deposit capacity:

    • Gold Safira savings account
    • Platinum Safira savings account
    • Elite Safira savings account

    For more information, come to the Safira branches in AntsahavolaAmbohibaoAndavamambaAnalamahitsyAntsirabe

    Our pricing

    Simplify your international transactions or daily purchase through the means that we put at your disposition:

    • Money transfer
    • Chèque (free)
    • Direct debit
    • Others…

    For further details, please refer to our pricing.

    Our pricing

    Simple, quick and secured

    1. AccèsBanque account opening
    2. Receiving from and sending money to your relatives all over the world through money transfer

    Importers, this is for you!

    • Transparent pricing
    • Flexible procedure
    • Quick processing
    • Reliable and secured service


    Approach the nearest AccèsBanque branch for further details.


    Our pricing

    New at AccèsBanque! Deposit in your term deposit account and offer health coverage to your family, and why not your employees.

    1. A minimum deposit of 2 500 000Ariary
    2. Term: 360 days,
    3. Interest paid at the term of the contract,
    4. Your relatives benefit from annual health coverage among AFAFI
    5. Appoint different beneficiaries for every 2 500 000 Ariary

    Our pricing

    AccèsBanque agents simplify your life!

    • No more standing in line in branches,
    • Withdrawal and deposit outside the office hours


    You simply need to record your fingerprint among a client advisor in your AccèsBanque branch.

    Our pricing

    AccèsBanque, the financial partner for Malagasy SME development, suggests solutions to all of your needs of funding

    • Loan from 40 000 001 to more than 1 billion Ariary
    • Quick disbursement
    • Dedicated advisor
    • Customized service

    Our team, pleased to serve and advise you.


    You simply need to approach the nearest AccèsBanque branch

    Simulate your credit

    For the smooth running of your business at any time, the bank overdraft is at your disposal.

    • Need liquidity beyond your balance
    • Ease of cash from 10 000 000 Ariary available at any time


    For more details, contact your account manager or go to the nearest AccèsBanque agency.


    Simulate your credit

    Are you a doctor, a dentist, or own a medical cabinet or a clinic, etc… And you are in need of funding for your profession?

    Enjoy a purchase of equipment on credit from 1 000 000 Ariary to 500 000 000 Ariary reimbursable in 3 to 36 months.

    Take advantage of a special discount as well as a purchase in credit from the bank’s partnered suppliers


    For more detail, visit the nearest AccèsBanque agency near you.

    Simulate your credit

    You wish to renovate, build or purchase property?

    Benefit from a credit of 10 000 000 Ariary up to 1 Billion Ariary in order to give life your projects.

    Submit your loan request at the nearest agency and AccèsBanque will take care of the rest.

    Simulate your credit

    Have you had more than enough of power outages and electricity bills constantly rising? Are you in a zone where electricity isn’t available?

    Here’s the solution: “purchase Solar Powered Material”.

    Purchase the material of your choice of a price of 1 500 000 Ariary up to over 1 billion Ariary via a credit-based payment at a preferential rate refundable in 3 to 36 months.

    Disbursement is quick and you are not required to provide additional collateral to obtain the credit. Quality solar material provided by our partners.


    For more information, contact 032 03 515 77

    Simulate your credit

    Safira Espace Premium offers you privileged welcome in a secured space and where you are prioritized.


    • Dedicated advisor at your disposition
    • Distance bank
    • No waiting


    AccèsBanque so far has 5 Espaces Safira in:


    • Antsahavola
    • Andavamamba
    • Ambohibao
    • Analamahitsy
    • Antsirabe


    Approach any of these branches for further details

    The Safira Pack is a product designed for the maximum financial solution

    Business Pack

    • Term loan
    • Discoverd 10% of the granted
    • Safira current account

    VIP Pack

    • Term loan
    • Discoverd 20% of the granted
    • Unlimited Safira current account

    We have designed this packages to offer you the best price